About Us

Canajoharie's Community Youth Center was established in 1944. The center located on Erie Boulevard has been a valuable organization in the community since its incorporation.  The center has offered support to all families in the Canajoharie, Palatine and Root communities through educational and life enriching activities provided in a safe environment. The needs of the community have changed over the years and the center has been working hard to change to meet those needs.  Our emphasis still remains child-centered. The center provides opportunities for positive social interactions, education, recreation and cultural programs. Members were charged $1.00 to join in 1944.  Today, we only charge $5.00.

Currently we are updating the center to include a computer lab. Director Dontay Fowler secured twenty gently used computers, which will be used during the after-school program. The lab will provide the opportunity for the students to continue working on their academic skills. The creation of the computer lab has been made possible by generous donations. We are always open to ways that the Center can be a focal point in the community.  We welcome any suggestions!

The Community Youth Center needs your help in continuing to fulfill the intent of the organizers of 1944.  If you can contribute any monetary amount to a program, volunteer, or develop an idea that would help the center grow we would love to hear from you.