Keep checking in! Workout dates will be announced soon!.. As we approach the middle of the school season- Keep in mind, the practice you had at the beginning of the season to try out for your team should be just as intense and important as the practice you have today.


The Amsterdam Lady Rams are having clinics Four consecutive Sundays at 10:00 starting today. I encourage young ladies from 2nd to 8th grade to attend the next three if available. It is FREE!


I can never tell shooters enough, how important it is to set your feet as the pass approaches. Well here it is! This also ties in being a “good shooter” before being a 3 point shooter!

Young Steve Kerr explains the importance of 3-point shooting. Steve has the best 3-point shooting percentage in the history of the NBA.


Our 3rd Annual Frank Pecora Holiday Tournament is drawing near! Our 6th grade tourney has six boys teams and four girls teams, reaching north to Mayfield and as south as Oneonta! We will be playing games in the East Hill Elementary gym as well as the Nellis Memorial gym on Thursday the 28th. We want to thank our sponsors in advance for making… more


This is what Jay Williams Asked Kobe Bryant after that game.. Share/Like/Tag


These $5 tickets will be sold by our Biddy Basketball program for 2weeks only!!! They also can be purchased at the CYC during hours of operation. Drawing December 4th. $260 value!!!