05/08/2023 - 02:23 PM

Summerfest is right around the corner! Don’t wait until the last minute, sign up now! Program runs from July 10-August 18, 8am-4pm. Breakfast and lunch are served daily. Ages 8-12. Your child must turn 8 by the start of the program. Sign up here by JUNE 5th!!!!


05/01/2023 - 04:37 PM

Do you believe today is May 1st?! Summer is right around the corner! Sign up for CYC Summerfest NOW! Deadline is June 5th!

04/23/2023 - 03:44 PM

Each year the CYC awards a graduating senior with:

The Kathy Dopp Memorial Scholarship

The Canajoharie Community Youth Center has had a mission of supporting families in Canajoharie and its surrounding communities through educational and life-enriching activities provided to our youth in a safe environment since 1944.

It has been a pleasure to see the effect of our center on so many lives, and in turn for that effect to come full circle with so many of our youth returning to the center and “paying it forward” through volunteerism.

Graduating seniors who wish to apply for the scholarship must:

In 250-500 words, describe your experience as an attendee of CYC; the impact that it had on your life (life-skills, relationships, etc.), and how you can best use what you gained from the youth center to have an impact for your community in the future.

-Graduating senior who has attended the youth center (after-school or summer program)
-Submission of essay (essay question below). Must be 250-500 words.
-Recipient to be chosen by CYC board after reviewing essay submissions.

Deadline of submission is Friday, May 5, 2023
Please turn in all submissions to the high school guidance office.

04/21/2023 - 07:47 AM
Enjoy our Pictures
03/16/2023 - 05:43 PM
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That Leprechaun doesn’t stand a chance! 🍀

03/13/2023 - 07:41 PM

The CYC will be closed tomorrow , 3/14 due to the incoming weather & school closing.

02/28/2023 - 08:36 AM

We are currently looking for a sponsor for our large bill matching campaign. It is super important for us to have that sponsorship. 100% of the donations for this event goes to the center and is a major reason why we can continue to offer a safe place for the kids.

02/22/2023 - 09:21 PM
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Today we made bears out of rice cakes, nutella, bananas and blueberries! Yum!!