TBT! CYC Float 1979 Canajoharie Parade


TBT! Junior Beechies 1982


Throwback Thursday! Bike Hike 1979


TBT! Check out these smiling faces from 1977. Recognize anyone?


What an amazing community we live in. We cannot be here for the kids without all of you. We asked you to give $5000 because Diane and John Corso challenged us by agreeing to match $5000. The community stepped up in a big way giving $7,700. We cannot thank the community enough! To everyone that volunteered, to everyone that gave generously, and to those what waited patiently while others gave. THANK YOU!


As of this morning Tuesdays weather looks much better to have our spring boot drive so we have moved the date to 4/12/2022. We hope to be out by 11:15 on Church Street and multiple other locations throughout the day. Paul and Diane Corso are matching all donations up to $5,000.