🤼‍♀️ A new opportunity has been proposed! Who would be interested in PeeWee Wrestling from November to March?!! *We will try to have no conflicts with Biddy Basketball but cannot promise at this point. 🤼‍♀️



Busy weekend with a good start! Our 5th/6th graders placed 3rd at the Oneonta Boys And Girls Club Tournament today with a tough first game loss. We have another tournament at Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown tomorrow! Cody Hyney with the All tournament Team honors today!



We had a great in-house league this year, with two all girls teams, two 3rd/4th grade teams and four 5th/6th grade teams! Thank you to the sponsors and the CCSD for letting us use the gym every Saturday!.. Our 5th/6th grade boys travel basketball team is now in full swing! After our annual Frank Pecora Holiday Tournament, the boys are undefeated in the Fulton/Montgomery Little Hustlers League! We are off to Johnstown today with this great group of boys!